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Support Area Update!

We have updated our support area to be more integrated with the billing system which helps us in assisting you much quicker. You will find the new system easier with less logins to move...

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Hosting Affiliate Program Updated!

We have updated our affiliate system software which now includes more features and a cleaner interface! If you have not signed up or wish to check out the new updates, visit the following link:...

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Network Upgrade Scheduled

As part of an effort to increase speed and reliability, our datacenter will be performing a significant upgrade to our core network and blended bandwidth infrastructure on Friday March 28th beginning at 10:00pm PST...

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The client area has been updated!

Our billing software has been updated which also includes a new customized client area and new unblock IP feature. Now all shared server accounts will check for your IP and if it is blocked...

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New Bad Bot Blocker Available!

We have created a larger more aggressive bad bot blocker for your forums and blogs to help reduce comment SPAM! http://support.ultrawebsitehosting.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=5&nav=0

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Keeping it Clean!

We keep it clean and let our servers breath which helps reduce troubleshooting time and extends the lifetime of a server! Here is a photo of one of our many cabinets!

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Performance Increase

Shared server upgrades performed. RAM has been replaced with more and faster RAM for faster website performance for our clients!

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New Site Builder with Drag and Drop!

Our new site builder is now available with our shared hosting plans! The new site builder includes easy to use drag and drop capabilities and a long list of features. We will be creating...

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Shared SSL Certificates Updated on Shared Servers

Shared SSL certificates are now updated on our shared hosting servers. To use, enter the following URL into your web browser and update to your server’s name and username: https://servername.ultrawebsitehosting.com/~yourusername/ You may find your...

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New Site Builder in Beta Testing!

Times are changing and we are making website building even easier before for the non-technical out there! We are currently in beta testing but the results are astounding. We will be releasing a new...